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Blue Diamond IT has designed a complete set of services for you to choose from, ranging from ad-hoc to full 24/7 monitored cover. Our services are designed to be flexible to cater for your company's needs and budget and allow you to pick and choose the type of support you require. You can add other services to your cover at any time should you require so, as your business needs change.

Services and Support


Blue Diamond IT offer a 24/7 support service. We also specialise in monitoring your systems and can also be alerted in real time when an issue occurs before you are aware. This helps us maintain your systems with the maximum uptime allowing the users to work. We offer a complete range of support services which are customised and tailored to your specific requirements. We can look after your complete infrastructure giving you a single point of contact.


Cloud Hosting

As well as complete in house server solutions we also offer Cloud based solutions. This gives us the unique approach of making unbiased recommendations and able to offer multiple platforms that meets the your requirements. Cloud hosting is ever improving and is a great way of starting a company with very little upfront costs. 

Offsite Backup


Blue Diamond IT offer a dedicated offsite / online backup solution so your data is stored away from your office. This has become a common part of clients infrastructure over recent years as their requirements and business have grown. Your data is fully encrypted and secure and available for retrieval instantly should it be required. As with all our services we fully manage and maintain this for you.


Internet Connectivity

We are able to provide various internet connections which include Fibre, Cable, EFM and xDSL to name but a few. We can configure multiple connections allowing you faster throughput as well as redundancy in the event of a connection failure. Users can continue to work with no downtime. We work with some of the biggest Internet providers in the UK allowing us to supply the best connection for your requirements.



Security is a key part of all clients systems. Whether you have a hosted cloud based system or in house servers your data should always be kept secure. We pride ourselves on making your systems secure from internal and external attack using the latest technologies.

Disaster Recovery


With professionally planned disaster recovery systems, Blue Diamond IT are able to offer you various recovery plans to bring you back up to speed as quickly and easily as possible. With all systems monitored by our dedicated help desk we ensure in the event of any failures you have access to your emails and data as quickly as possible. There are options allowing instant access with no downtime if so required.


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